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//Name: Caitlin
//Your age: 17
//Where you're from: Maryland

//Five bands:
OAR, ataris, rascal flatts, toby keith, sugarcult
//Five movies: remember the titans, the sweetest thing, serendipity, american pie 1, 2
//Books: secret of platform 13, the egypt game

//Your studliest features:
eyes, body
//Your not so studly features: arms
//First thing noticed on male/female: eyes
//Turn-ons: being built, gorgeous eyes
//Turn-offs: really really thin guys

hot stuff
//Food: pizza?
//Sorrow: crying
//Hot: cowboys
//Sports: baseball
//Porn: yea baby

//You belong here because:
im a stud and studs my fav word so this is perfect, best known saying "yo stud"
//you found out about </a>
</a>stud_central, how: __charmattack
//You're unique for...: always talking, gettin anyone to talk
//Desrcibe yourself in three words: outgoing.fun.bold
//Make us laugh: well the only joke i can think of right now is one that this lil perverted man in rite aid told me while i was in line and he said "Where do mermaids go to the movies?" where? "the dive in" hhahaa ok yea lol</font>


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I dont like your taste in anything and your not that cute.
well ok thanks for ur input..i like my taste in everything and i think i am cute. but hey im me =P
the third pictures alright, but the application was pretty bland and boring...

you kinda rushed through it. i think anyways. movies were okay. nothing stuck out. no
nah actually i didnt but watever
nahhh. I really don't like your music, and I read The Egypt Game in 6th grade, visit a library.
yes i read it then too but i liked it so thats why i put it.
and since when does "stud_central" matter about ur music?
well in theory, someone who was truely a stud would listen to cool music. but, that is just my opinion on the matter.

sometimes its just one of the deciding factors. you know, a maybe could turn into a no if something really sticks out as being bad...
you're cute
but i'm a spelling nazi
and you're obviously a spelling jew
no thanks
hay ;_;
hay wat?
no offense :-*
haha i didn't count your votes, why did you reply so rudely?


better luck next time.
i don't think she replied rudely, she said thanks to someone..
why thank you!